of the Inner Force
AURUS – a milestone of Russian magnificence and technologies
that is symbolic for the country
Absolutely new vehicle brand
created from scratch by the best Russian and world experts
Reason to be proud of in-house developments
and new level of technology and quality
Brand mission
To create unique luxury vehicles, which can meet all challenges
Brand idea
Inner force

AURUS conquers by its strong character and great inner force at first sight.

Born to be free and noble, this vehicle is not only a part of Russia – it is the very spirit of our nation.

Created by the best Russian and world experts,

AURUS has unique characteristics, combining superpower, perfect comfort in any driving conditions, unsurpassed passenger safety and stylish, noble design.

Brand character
Brand character
Brand character
Brand character
Brand name
Multiple meanings concentrated in one
capacious and bright name
  • AURA
    Of a human
    Latin for “Gold”
  • RUS
    International sign for Russia
Benefits and Advantages of the Brand
  • Exclusive Client service
  • Product excellence
  • Full customization
  • Expertise and qualification of specialists
Innovative Solutions
  • Armoured and unarmoured versions
  • The high-performance V8 engine with the power of 598 h.p. and torque of 880 Nm is hidden behind the massive radiator grille.
  • Combination of all-wheel drive and hybrid system
  • The AURUS SENAT Sedan is a benchmark of respectability and high technology.
  • Monumentalism and greatness in styling solutions
  • Noble proportions of the exterior and classic timeless design
AURUS Interior
  • Luxurious, respectable and comfortable AURUS interior
  • The multimedia system developed exclusively for AURUS.
  • Intuitive interface for microclimate adjustment and vehicle controls
  • 8-mode LED ambient lighting
Distinctive Materials
  • Unique high-quality finishing materials
  • Best genuine leather and fine wood
  • The authenticity of the interior in the balance of traditions and innovations.
AURUS Safety
  • The AURUS vehicles are equipped with an integrated Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
  • And ERA-GLONASS emergency response system